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    Better Together CT, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit, located in North Stonington, Connecticut, on a parcel of land which serves as a working farm and retreat for veterans. It offers veteran retraining programs and is unique in this part of the country. Our programs help Veterans to retrain reintegrate back into the community through farming, fellowship and the arts.

    Veterans will be trained in cutting-edge aeroponic growing techniques for nutritionally dense micro greens, sprouts, and other healthy vegetables. Training will also be provided in forestry and the newly opened hemp industry. Other forms of occupational training will be added over time, prompted by the interests of the veterans.

    Crops are made available to farm-to-table restaurants, shared with Senior Citizens and those in need in the community, and also sold in our own Country Farm Store, North Stonington Artisan Farm Market, Denison Farm Market and through our Virtual Farm Market on our website.


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    What we do.
    Hempstock Music Festival 2022 www.HempstockCT.com
    Getting read to build the High Tunnel Hoop House.
    It wasn’t easy but we got it done! Thankful for the help of our volunteers!
    Group Hug!
    Laughter is the best medicine!
    Hemp is the future! ~ Bio-fuel, hempcrete, hemp plastic, textiles, paper…..
    Field Days 2022 - a few of our young/strong volunteers harvesting 200lbs of daikon radishes.
    Daikon Radishes
    Chef MIke picking his organic ingredients for the day. Can’t wait to see what’s on the menu! #farmtotable
    2022 first crop  growing in high tunnel.
    Chicken Tractor- up cycling at its best!
    The mini-herd - providing equine touch therapy at Better Together CT Inc. Farm & Sanctuary.
    Our Veteran Victory Blend of lettuces.
    Country-Wellness Event Space - Seats up to 150 ~ Net Proceeds from rental benefit Better Together CT Inc. Farm & Sanctuary
    The Great Pumpkin!!
    Butternut Squash
    Gallery Image 3187676D-1B58-42E6-AAC9-383B9ED3E7A2.jpeg
    Hempstock 2022
    Audrey - Friend & Volunteer
    Eric & Audrey - Friends & Volunteers
    Meeting of Town Leaders with Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation for 1st time in over 400 years.
    Hemp Field at Night
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    Hempstock 2023
    Hempstock 2023
    • Hempstock 2023 - Family Friendly Event - Live Music, Food, Vendors! 3rd Annual event! HemptockCT.com
    • Saturday Sep 23, 2023
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