• Key Award

  • The Key Award is not an annaul award, but rather, one that it bestowed when The Chamber's Board feels an individual has truly gone above and beyond in their commitment to The Chamber.  The following individuals have given generously of their time and talents to help The Chamber of Commerce meet its mission serving the community.

  • Key Award Recipients

  • 2019 (L to R) William Ferguson, Nico DiMaggio, Vincent Bartucca

    2018 Veterans Memorial Committee

    2016 Westerly Police Reserves

    2014 Rudi Hauser, Jr.
     Rudi Hauser

    2013 Sherry Quinlan
     Sherry Quinlan

    2010 Frank Palaia
    Frank Palaia

    2008 Rich Stockman
    Rich Stockman

    2007 Marion Inserra
    MarionInserra.gif - 9892 Bytes

    2007 Mariah Sposato
    Mariah Sposato

    2006 Paul Gencerella Sr.
    Paul Gencarella

    2005 Steve Hartford
    Steve Hartford

    2004 Angela Smith
    Angie Smith

    2002 Joseph J. Iacoi
     Joe Iacoi

    1998 Paul V. Martin

    1995 Raymond F. Cherenzia
    Raymond F. Cherenzia  

    1995 Edward P. Morrone

    1992 Daniel J. Antal  


  • 2017 Joseph Cugini

    2015 Paul Donahue
    Paul Donahue

    2011 Tracey Wilson
     Tracey Wilson

    2009 Chet Buffum
    Chet Buffum

    2009 Jean Chiaradio
    Jean Chairadio

    2007 Sara Serra
    Sara Serra

    2007 Lillian Vacca
    Lillian Vacca

    2005 Sean McGill
    Sean McGill

    2005 Patti Hartford
    Patti Hartford

    2005 Arthur Smith
    Art Smith  

    2003 Lori Urso 

    1999 Michael Benevides
    Mike Benevides

    1997 Barbara Stillman
    Barbara Stillman

    1995 Norman R. Lagerstrom  

    1995 Kenneth J. Parker
    Ken Parker 

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