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    When you join the Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce, you will be entitled to many benefits. This organization is the largest southern Rhode Island chamber of commerce and a partner with the United Chambers of Southern Rhode Island.  You may apply to join today, by completing this application form, in accordance with our annual dues schedule. There is a one-time-only processing fee for new members, in addition to the annual enrollment fee. Your membership fee is a tax deductible business expense.

    You will receive a new membership packet, most of which is available in the following .pdf documents.

    Also, complete our newsletter summary sheet, submit it with your membership application, and upon acceptance by our board of directors, your business will be featured as a new member in an upcoming newsletter!

    New applications may be delivered or mailed to:

    The Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce
    One Chamber Way
    Westerly, RI 02891

    Affiliations with other southern  Rhode Island chambers of commerce


    The Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce is affiliated with 5 outstanding chambers of commerce in southern Rhode Island: Block Island Chamber of Commerce, Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, Narragansett Chamber of Commerce, North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce (see Unitedchambersri.org).  This means, that in addition to our own programming, we collaborate on regional programming in partnership with these other chambers of commerce.  Simply stated, you get more benefits and networking opportunities at no additional cost.  We also produce joint programs with the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, and work collaboratively with chambers from all over New England. In fact, our Executive Director, Lisa Konicki, was named “Chamber Executive of the Year for New England” by the New England Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, 2011-2012.


    The Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, formerly known as the South Kingstown Chamber of Commerce.   In September 2011, this group undertook a new name that numerous other southern Rhode Island chambers of commerce, municipalities, and many businesses staunchly opposed. We understand how the name Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce may be confusing to you and the public since there are several chambers of commerce operating in southern Rhode Island.


    You may be contacted and invited to join the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce through a “discounted” membership that is marketed to members of the Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce.  Do not be confused into thinking this discount implies affiliation or collaboration.  You do not need to join any other group to continue to receive all of the wonderful benefits and opportunities that come from being a member of your chamber.