Community Service / Citizen of the Year Award

The award was established in 1957 to recognize outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to the community. Criteria considered in the selection process includes leadership role in the community, specific contributions in business and civic / non-profit organizations, promoting the community image, improving the quality of life in our area, personal and professional characteristics including integrity, creativity, communication skills and broad social perspectives. Every year, nominations are reviewed and recipients are selected by a Chamber committee.

1957 Julian T. Crandall
1958 Minnie Boumenot
1959 Clifford E. Smith
1960 Sallie E. Coy
1961 Helen R. Lovett
1962 Mary Wilcox Vars
1963 Ross A. Aiello
1964 Mrs. A. Cottrell, Jr.
1965 Donald Friend
1966 Thomas Perry
1967 Francis Parkinson
1968 Frank Olean
1969 Edwin X. Greene
1970 Lewis R. Greene
1971 Karl G. Stillman
1972 Joseph Sicilian
1973 Mabelle Burbine
1974 Claudio A. Comolli
1975 Anne H. Utter
1976 Joseph Lewiss
1977 Carl J. Manfred, Sr.
1977 Paul Munsell
1978 Alcino G. Almeida
1978 Jean G. Ladd
1978 Robert A. Wilcox
1979 William Atherton
1979 Francis C. Lathrop, Sr.
1980 Pasquale E. Sposato
1981 Eloise Saunders
1982 Nicholas A. Vuono
1983 Henry J. Nardone  
1984 Walter O'Donnell  
1985 no award  
1986 Joseph Cugini Joe Cugini
1987 Farquhar Smith  
1988 John Fusaro  
1989 Joseph Bottone  
1990 Donald Allison  
1990 Virginia Allison  
1991 George E. Kent  George Kent
1992 Mary Jo Orsinger  Mary Jo
1993 Everett L. Perrin  
1994 Joseph J. Kirby Joe Kirby
1995 Raymond F. Cherenzia Raymond F. Cherenzia
1995 Norman R. Langerstrom
1995 Edward P. Morrone
 Ed Morrone
1995 Kenneth J. Parker Ken Parker
1996 Mary Lou Serra
 Mary Lou Serra
1997 Isacc G. Smith, Jr.
 Isaac G SMith
1998 Raymond J. Quinlan
1999 Senator Dennis L. Algiere Dennis L. Algiere
2000 Larry J. Hirsch Larry Hirsch
2001 Paul D. Lynch  
2002 Eugenia & Dr. Douglas Rayner 
2003 Joseph H. Potter Joseph H. Potter
2004 Frank & Donna Celico Frank & Donna Celico
2005 Pamela Crandall  
2006 Harvey Perry Harvey Perry
2007 Ed Smith Ed Smith
2008 Michael Rauh Michael Rauh
2009 Katherine Hoxsie Katherine Hoxsie
2010 Richard Holliday Richard Holliday
2011 Grant Simmons III Grant Simmons
Angela Smith Angela Smith
Rob Valenti, Jr. Rob Valenti
2014 Nicholas Stahl Nick Stahl
2015 John "Whit" Davis  Whit Davis